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The Power of Good Bacteria - GECA certified - Powerful Advanced Biologically Active Solution.

The Power of Good Bacteria - GECA certified - Powerful Advanced Biologically Active Solution.

Bac2Work 🚻

Bac2Work is an advanced biologically active solution that eliminates foul-smelling odours and effectively cleans toilets and urinals for a fresh and hygienic restroom experience.

Key Benefits

    1. Stops foul-smelling odours in toilets and urinals, creating a pleasant and inviting restroom environment.

    2. Saves you labour by pouring once and leaving the product overnight to work its magic.

    3. Thoroughly digests and removes organic soilage, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in high-traffic restrooms.

    4. Non-hazardous, 🌱 GECA certified formulation means safer usage for cleaning staff and occupants.

    5. Preserves the integrity of surfaces, including porcelain and stainless steel, without causing damage.

    6. Works exceptionally well in waterless urinal systems, providing efficient and water-saving restroom solutions.

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Drain Solution

Drain Solution is an ideal solution for eliminating foul-smelling odours and unclogging your drains. It has a sustained cleaning action and keeps your plumbing systems running smoothly.

Key Benefits

  1. Effectively stops foul-smelling odours in drain pipes and grease traps, creating a more pleasant environment for staff and customers.

  2. Keeps on digesting and removing organic waste matter until blockages are completely cleared, minimising the risk of costly plumbing issues.

  3. Non-hazardous, 🌱 GECA certified and safe to use, ensuring the well-being of staff and compliance with safety regulations.

  4. Does not have adverse effects on surfaces, preventing damage to porcelain, PVC, stainless steel, cast iron, chrome, or ceramic pipes and surfaces.

  5. Removes odours that attract vinegar flies, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various commercial environments.

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