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Ritzy 🧽

Ritzy 🧽

Ritzy is a specially designed creamy cleanser that combines the cleaning power of detergents, builders and buffers with a mildly abrasive polishing agent to help gently scour soils and stains off of all shiny, hard surfaces being cleaned.

Recently reformulated for better performance, this citrus-perfumed creamy cleanser is non-toxic, contains no chlorine and rinses freely with no residue leaving your kitchen and bathroom smelling great again!


Key Benefits

  • New formula for better performance
  • Rapidly attacks soil & makes cleaning easier
  • Soft, mildly abrasive
  • Fresh lemon perfume
  • Non-toxic & chlorine free
  • Rinses free with no residue

Contact us for ordering or 1300 567 002. 

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