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Discover Flash Dry: Your Solution for Streak-Free Shine!

Discover Flash Dry: Your Solution for Streak-Free Shine!

Flash Dry

Flash Dry is a high-performance hard-surface cleaner that evaporates very quickly and leaves no streaks, smears or residues. It’s designed for spray-and-wipe cleaning of glass, chrome and all shiny surfaces. Flash Dry kills 99.9% of germs

Flash Dry will remove smudges, oily films, fingerprints and general soilage from glass, shiny laminates, stainless steel, chrome and perspex surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, display cabinets, tabletops, benches, poker machines, and a wide variety of other shiny, hard surfaces.

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Key Benefits

  • Removes smudges, oily films, fingerprints & dirt, fast

  • Evaporates very rapidly – less wiping & your cloth stays drier

  • Leaves glass streak-free

  • Anti-bacterial: Kills 99.9% of germs

  • Anti-static so reduces dust-cling

  • Pleasantly perfumed to lightly deodorise

  • Non Dangerous Goods (Non-DG) for safer transport & storage

  • Safe on window tint film

  • Versatile – cleans all shiny surfaces

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