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How to start a petrol leaf blower?

How to Start a Petrol Leaf Blower? - Simple Steps for First Time Users

If you dread going to your yard during autumn as you get tired imagining all the cleaning of fallen leaves, you are not to blame. Cleaning all the fallen leaves with a broom can be nightmarish especially if you have several trees in your backyard. But today, cleaning the yard has become ridiculously easy with the help of leaf blowers that are petrol operated. No more bending and no more moving around holding the cord of the electrical leaf blower. However, starting a petrol leaf blower can be tricky for those who have never used the machine before. This article aims to help such people by giving simple steps that make starting and operating a petrol leaf blower a child’s play.

One thing that makes starting a petrol leaf blower difficult is pulling the start cord. However, this job looks very easy in comparison to carrying the machine around with its electric cord and looking for electric source in different corners or arranging an extension cord. The following are some simple steps that are meant to enable even a novice to make use of a petrol leaf blower.

  • Look for the cap on the top of the petrol tank and fill it up with petrol up to the mark
  • You have to do some priming so that petrol reaches the inside of the engine of the blower. Locate the pump given on the body of the tank and blow it a few times.
  • If you live in cold weather conditions, turn on choke that sends rich mixture of oil and petrol to the engine to make for easier start
  • Try to start the blower by pulling the cord. Do not get disheartened if the engine does not start in a few attempts
  • Let the engine splutter for some time keeping the choke lever on. This allows the engine of the blower to become warm and run without rich fuel mixture.
  • Now turn off the choke lever
  • Use the blower giving direction to all the leaves at will without having to worry about electric source or about the cord
  • Collect dry leaves at the desired destination from where it is easy to throw them away
  • Once the job is finished switch off the engine of the petrol leaf blower.


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