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4 Steps to a Cleaner Vacuum

4 Steps to a Cleaner Vacuum

If you have never given much thought to cleaning your vacuum cleaner, you’re not alone. After all, the vacuum cleans things, it doesn’t need to be cleaned itself, right? Wrong. Keeping your vacuum cleaner clean is essential to ensuring that you don’t spread micro germs throughout the house and it keeps the vacuum running in tip-top condition.

If you’ve never cleaned your vacuum before, however, you might be at a loss about how to do it. Here are four simple steps to cleaning your vacuum cleaner (and please unplug the vacuum first!).

  • Empty the bag or bin. This is a simple process, yet many of us let the bag or bin get over full and then wonder why it seems our vacuum isn’t doing its usual great job. Keep that bag or bin empty and you will see the efficiency of your vacuum increase.
  • Clean the brush roll (or beater bar). This is the brush that spins under your vacuum. Once you locate it, remove the bottom plate and then remove the brush roll. It should just pull out of a slot on either end of the bar. Use your fingers to clean the bar, or use scissors to cut away hair, strings or ribbon. These things tend to wrap around the brush, making it less efficient.
  • Check the belt and replace if needed. To find the belt, remove the plates on the bottom of the vacuum (as if you were cleaning the brush roll) and then feel the belt. It should be taut. If it is cracked, torn, melted, or just losing shape, it’s time to replace it. Generally, the belt will need to be replaced every 6 months to 1 year. Follow manufacturer instructions for replacing the belt, or take your vacuum to a qualified repair person to do it for you.
  • Clean filters. If you have a filter on your vacuum, you want to clean that for maximum efficiency. If the filter is foam or plastic, you can rinse it under warm water and then dry thoroughly before replacing. If it’s paper or fabric, you can shake or pound it over a trash can to remove the dust and debris.
These simple tips will help to keep your vacuum running efficiently for you and could extend the life of the vacuum cleaner as well.

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