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How to change the oil in your lawn mower?

How to change the oil in your lawn mower?

The main reason why engines do not start easily is due to the failure of simply changing the oil on time. To avoid the continual yanking-of-the-rope of the engine to start it, make sure to change the engine oil of your lawn mower as routine maintenance. Changing the oil from the engine of your gas operated lawn mower periodically is recommended by all manufacturers and is crucial for smooth and efficient engine operation.

One need not go to a service center or hire the services of a mechanic for the job as changing the oil of a lawn mower can be performed at home easily. Read on to save your hard earned money.


    • Changing oil is prudent when the fuel tank is almost empty. This is because you need to warm up the engine so that the oil heats up and flows smoothly.
    • Ensure you remove the spark plug once the engine has stopped.This guarantees the machine willnot start automatically during the process.
  • Buy the right oil. The kind of oil you require for your lawnmower is integral to this procedure;research what your mower requires otherwise you will jeopardize the performance of your machine.

The oil from any engine must be drained from the hole at the bottom of the body of the oil tank. There is a cap that is screwed-on to prevent any leakage of the oil from the tank. You have to unscrew this cap to let all the oil drain-out. Make sure you place a container underneath the oil tank to allow it to take up all the old oil. Once ALL the dirty oilhas been successfully drained, place the cap back on and screw it by rotating it in clockwise direction.

NOW unscrew the cap at the top of the oil tank and pour the new oil to the level that is recommended. This completes the periodic oil change that isrequiredfor continuous smooth operation of the engine of your lawn mower.

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