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How to change lawn mower blades?

How to change lawn mower blades?

Lawn mowers are great machines which neatly trim grass to maintain a premium façade for your lawn, business or home. Despite the stainless steel blades of a lawn mower, they naturally become blunt over time and do not perform at their optimum level. To fix this problem your choices are as follows

  • Take the blades of your mower to a professional to get harped
  • Visit a consultant to replace the old blades with new blades
  • Hire an expert serviceman to do the job for you; or
  • Do the job yourself

This following article outlines the money saving option for changing lawn mower blades easily on your own.

Lawn mowers are comprised of sharp objects and are gas operated machines, therefore EXERCISE CAUTION AT ALL TIMES as one is at risk during any related process or procedure.

Easy 7-step guide to changing your own blades

The first challenge is gaining access to the blades of the mower that normally remain hidden from one’s view. One has to lift the body of the machine-upto see the blades to be able to unscrew the nuts and bolts and remove the blades.

Action the following step-by-step guide prior to unscrewing your blades:

  1. Remove spark plug from the body of the lawn mower.
    This disables the machine from starting-up during the process
  2. Empty the fuel tank.
    This avoids spillage during the changing of lawn mower blades
  3. Try lifting the body of the lawn mower using the limb of a tree and a rope.
    This enables the machine to be at a height suitable for you to work beneath, enabling easier access to your blades
  4. Wedge a piece of wood in between the blade and the body so as to safeguard and fasten your work area.
    This avoids the risk of blades moving in the opposite direction when applying force. This will fix the blade you are working on to stay in a particular position.
  5. Use a wrench.

Turn the nuts anticlockwise to remove the blades

  1. Once you have opened the blades, replace them with new blades
    Tighten the screws through clockwise movement of the wrench. Do not forget to use the wood-tip once again to allow you to tighten the blades.

Tighten the screws A SECOND TIME
This will avoid any vibration during use and will ensure a smoother and more efficient mowing action. | 1300-567-002

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