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How Does The Vacumi Water Filter Vacuum Work?

How Does The Vacumi Water Filter Vacuum Work?

The Vacumi VC3 operates differently from traditional dry vacuum cleaners. Instead of relying solely on a disposable filter or bags to trap dirt and debris, the VC3 uses water as a primary filtration method. Here's how it works.

Suction: Like conventional vacuum cleaners, the Vacumi starts by creating suction. The 1400w stepless motor generates a powerful 19000pa of suction that efortlessly pulls in air, particles or debris from the floor or surface being cleaned.

Water Chamber: Instead of passing the incoming air and particles through a traditional filter or bag, the VC3 directs them into a water filter tank. This tank sits between the vacuum head (where dirt is picked up) and the 2nd stage foam filter. 

Water Filtration: As the incoming air and particles enter the water filter tank from below the water, the water acts as a fine grade natural filter. The water traps and captures the dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris suspended in the air. This process effectively separates the particles from the air. The filtration water can be changed simply and quickly at the end of each use.  

Separation of Particles: The heavy particles and debris, such as dirt and pet hair, quickly sink to the bottom of the water filter tank due to their weight. Lighter particles, like dust and allergens will remain suspended in the water. Water filtration is effective in removing 95% of all harmful particles and 98% of odors normally smelt from the exhaust air of traditional vacuum cleaners. 

HEPA Filtration: The VC3 includes an 2nd stage fine foam filter before entering the 3rd stage HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). This further purifies the air by capturing any particles that may have passed through the water filtration, this ensuring that the air released back into the room is exceptionally clean. 

Clean Air Discharge: After passing through the water, foam and HEPA filtration, the cleaned and purified air is expelled from the vacuum cleaner's exhaust. The air released into your living space is free from the captured particles, allergens, and other contaminants.

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