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Eco Preferable Window Cleaning

Eco Preferable Window Cleaning

Bellevue 🌱

Bellevue is a GECA-certified, environmentally preferable glass cleaner that rapidly removes grease, grime and fingerprints from windows and mirrors.

It is a water-based detergent that has been formulated to produce the lowest possible impacts on both people and the environment, whilst facilitating highly effective and productive cleaning.

Bellevue cleans glass, stainless steel and chrome surfaces. It removes oil, greasy films, lipstick, finger marks and all other soilage from windows and display cabinets without leaving any film streaks.

Key Benefits

  • GECA certified, environmentally preferable
  • Makes glass and mirrors sparkle
  • Hypo-allergenic & promotes good indoor air quality
  • Safe to use & colour-coded for easy identification
  • Attacks dirt fast
  • Evaporates quickly, so less wiping is required
  • Non-streaking
  • Not classified as Dangerous Goods

🌱 GECA Certified Cleaners: Results Without Environmental Compromise

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