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Britex Carpet Care - Frequently Asked Questions

Britex Carpet Care - Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my carpet take to dry?

Your carpet should only be slightly wet. It will be dry and safe within 2-4 hrs.


How do I know if its safe to use on my Upholstery?

Britex upholstery cleaner is safe to use on a wide range of fabric items.

If in doubt always check the care label and seek help from the manufacturer regarding the wash care instructions prior to use. Always check the colour-fastness by first cleaning a small inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire chair.


What type of fabrics can I use the machine on?

Most fabrics are safe with Britex. Always check for colour fastness by testing on an inconspicuous area first.

DO NOT USE ON: Natural fiber oriental rugs (silk or wool) hand loomed rugs, braided rugs, sisal or jute carpets, silk, suede, Haitian cotton, brushed corduroy, leather or non colour-fast fabrics.


Can I use the Britex machine to my clean hard floors?

The Britex is designed to clean most types of rugs & carpet, upholstery including fabric lounges, dining chairs, car seats and boat interiors and grout & tiles. Only use the appropriate wand attachments for the appropriate surfaces and floors.

We don’t recommend using The Britex Deep Cleaning machine for hard floor surfaces such as concrete, lino or wooden floors.


How hot does the water need to be?

Use hot tap water. Water should be no warmer than the temperature you would have a shower in.

DO NOT USE BOILING WATER: Boiling water may melt internal hoses and plastics. Some carpet and upholsteries may also be negatively affected by very hot water. For wool carpets use only warm water.


Do I need to Vacuum my carpet before deep carpet cleaning?

Yes, for optimum results we recommend that you vacuum your carpet prior to deep carpet cleaning. This way you can remove debris and objects from the carpet that may clog up the Britex Carpet Cleaning machine.


Do I need to use ear protection when using the Britex machine?

Like all deep cleaning machines, the Britex Deep Cleaner produces noise during cleaning. The machine features an industrial grade vacuum which is part of the reason it delivers such a powerful clean. The sound levels of the Britex machine have been tested independently and fall within the parameters of what is considered safe.  Britex sound levels are less than that of other household appliances such as a hair dryer or food blender.

For your comfort during cleaning you may choose to wear ear muffs. When the machine is resting on a hard floor surface, we suggest placing a towel under the machine to absorb some of the noise.



How much carpet detergent will I need to clean my home? 

1 litre of our Britex carpet cleaning solutions and grout & tile cleaning solutions, will clean approximately 60 m² of carpet or floor tiles (or 3 average sized rooms). For cleaning carpets, every 1 litre of carpet cleaner, you will also need 1 bottle of Britex Defoamer.


Do I need to use Britex products in the machine?

It is a requirement when hiring that only Britex cleaning fluids be used in our machines. This is for the safety of the machine and your carpets, upholstery and floor tiles. Other non-suitable products will leave a nasty residue which can attract dirt and cause further staining. Britex products are designed to beautify, protect and deoderise your carpets, upholstery & floor tiles.


Are Britex machines and cleaning products allergen and asthma safe? 

Yes, our machines and cleaning products are safe for people with allergies and asthma. Britex is endorsed by the Eczema Association, CSIRO and the National Asthma Council.

However, if you’re experiencing discomfort during cleaning, please cease use immediately.


Are Britex machines safe with pets?

The Britex carpet detergent is safe for all our furry friends. The formula is low allergenic. It is recommended to keep your pets outside of the cleaning area until cleaning is done and fully dried.


Will the Odour Blaster remove pet odours?

The Odour Blaster is an easy and effective way to eliminate foul odours from carpet, fabrics, drapery, upholstery tile, vinyl and more. It attacks foul odours at their source and its gentle formula means it’s safe to use even if you have small pets or little ones.



What is the hose length?

The hose length is is 2.8 metres.


What are the dimensions of the machine?

H x W x L (cm) 65 x 43 x 68 (From floor with Tank and Dome).

What is the weight of the machine?

18kg without water included.



Does cleaning my carpet and upholstery help to remove germs from my home?

Yes. Government Agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA have stated that cleaning any surface is an effective way to remove bacteria and germs, lowering their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. This includes soft porous surfaces such as carpets and rugs, using the appropriate equipment.

By deep cleaning your carpet you can help to remove the bacteria that can act as a host to a range of viruses. Infact our own research shows that using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high traffic office area, reduces the bacterial load by up to 99.95%.

Of course when hiring and using Britex deep cleaners we encourage all customers to follow good hygiene practises such as wiping down the machine before and after use and washing their hands.


Do your products contain disinfectant?

No they don’t. Britex Carpet Cleaner is a carpet shampoo, but like cleaning your hands with soap or washing your clothes with clothes detergent, it enables the physical removal of germs. These germs and bacteria can act as host to viruses. Read more here.


I want to disinfect my house, can I put bleach, disinfectant or vinegar in the Britex machine?

No. Those type of cleaning products can damage the machine’s internal parts and also your carpet and soft furnishings.

Only use Britex Carpet Cleaning solution in the machine. It’s been found to remove up to 99.95% of bacteria.


Setting up the Britex Machine

How do I set up the Britex machine? It's simple. Watch our instructional video..

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