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Floor Stripping?

Floor Stripping?

Floor stripping is the process of removing coatings (films) of floor sealer and finish, usually because they are old and worn-out.

Careful and thorough floor stripping is vital to ensure the new coats of sealer and finish look their best and adhere well to the floor surface underneath.

Poor stripping can leave unsightly residues under the new sealer, and even cause the new sealer film to wear out prematurely. This may require another strip and seal process which is an unwelcome expense and inconvenience.

Floor strippers work by dissolving the old sealer film (coating) from the top down. So, the thicker the old film, the more stripping action is needed.

The dilution rates vary according to these Agar stripper, always check instructions before use.

DEMOLISH is super powerful and ideal for stripping very old, strongly crosslinked polish films which are resistant to normal strippers, as well as thick coatings of polish. Safe for use on terrazzo, marble, granite, polished concrete and vinyl sealed floors. DO NOT use DEMOLISH on rubber or linoleum floors as the alkalinity may discolour this material.

STR-36 is a concentrated low foaming stripper that leaves floors stripped and ready for recoating. It is ideal for stripping vinyl, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and quarry tiles. STR-36 is not recommended for use on rubber floors.

ULTRASTRIP is an excellent general purpose floor stripper that will not affect metal, vinyl tile or wood surfaces but must be diluted for stripping rubber floors, rinsing is important. It should be well diluted and used cautiously on sheet vinyl floors. Its low odour and doesn’t make wet floors over-slippery.

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